Together We Can End Homelessness


Many Wellingtonians are part of our work to end homelessness. This is why our tagline is “Together we can end homelessness”. Here we share some of their stories.

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DCM’s very special landlords, Kaye and Maurice Clark, have provided DCM with a long-term home in Lukes Lane, Te Aro. Here we have the spaces we need to support people experiencing homelessness – from dental and medical rooms to the special space which is Te Hāpai. They share our vision of ending homelessness in our city; we need more landlords to come on board as key partners in this. Our Housing First team can offer landlords a “no hassles” service – guaranteed rent, no fees, maintenance sorted and funded – and you will be providing a whare for a peron who is experiencing homelessness. To find out more email Peni here.


Dental assistant Emily has a part-time job and is a full-time student – yet she still finds time to work at the DCM Dental Service. Many of the people who come to DCM and are experiencing homelessness live in constant pain from untreated decay or disease. Dentists volunteer their time at this emergency dental service, but support from dental assistants is also essential. Emily loves her time at DCM and encourages any other dental assistants who would like to become part of the answer to homelessness to get in touch. Read Emily’s story here.

Alan and Helen

Alan and Helen were looking for a way to honour Alan’s brother, John Tristram, after he had passed away. John had a real heart for the people DCM works with, who we call taumai, and his family were looking for something that John would have loved to be part of. After spending time at DCM, they decided to fund a hangi at the Wharewaka as a special Matariki feast for our taumai. DCM hosts taumai at seasonal kai events to mark the changing seasons, and this winter meal comes at a time when our people most need to be lifted up. It has become our biggest celebration of the year, and is much looked forward to by the many who enjoy the kai, entertainment and community each year.

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This is David Corcoran, a Wellington dentist who has been volunteering his time at the DCM Dental Service since it first began.

Many of the people DCM works with live in constant serious pain from untreated decay or disease. With the support of volunteer dentists, dental assistants and technicians, the DCM Dental Service is making an incredible difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in our city.

Do you know of any dental assistants, or dentists, who would like to be part of this amazing service? Please get in touch.

Read the story of another of our volunteer dentists here.

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Here at DCM we have a number of neighbours who have become part of team DCM.

When Neville moved in to the apartment block next door, he came over to introduce himself to us. He offered to help us in any way he could.

It turns out Neville is quite the handyman, and he has been a big help to us at DCM! If we need something fixed, installed or replaced, we just give Neville a call and he comes straight over.

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Many of the DCM Bookfair volunteers give their time year after year.

A core group of about 30 book sorters work on Thursdays and/or Saturdays. They receive the book donations and sort the books into categories in preparation for our annual Bookfair.

Over 200 volunteers are involved on the day of the Bookfair in addition to those who help with sorting, set-up, pack-down, catering and publicity.

Find out more about how you can support the DCM Bookfair here.

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Our taumai live with a range of physical health problems which make life even more challenging for them. Hearing impairment is one area of high unmet need for many of our people - people who are experiencing homelessness. It is amazing that we are able to offer regular sessions with an audiologist here at DCM.

One man who had come in to talk about becoming housed was clearly struggling to hear us. We were able to get him straight in to see Lisa, who was running a session here that morning. This man will now receive hearing aids; he was so thrilled to learn that something could be done to improve his life in this way.

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Many Wellingtonians support DCM with regular, automatic payments. It is their commitment to our work that enables us to continue supporting people who are experiencing homelessness in our city.

This is Frank. He started supporting DCM as an AP donor many years ago. Later, when he had more time on his hands, he also volunteered to help us with our Bookfair deliveries and Foodbank pick-ups. Frank is now an integral part of "team DCM".

Many of our AP donors support us year after year. Are you able to become part of this amazing team? Because together, we CAN end homelessness in our city. More info here.



From his physio practice next door to DCM, Jeff from Tiaki Wellington enjoyed listening to DCM staff and taumai singing our daily waiata outside in our courtyard. One day he came to visit us and to learn more about our work with people who are experiencing homelessness.

Jeff could immediately see how he could lift up our taumai, especially those who are rough sleeping on hard ground, carrying heavy loads on their backs and dealing with multiple health challenges. And so he began offering physio sessions here at DCM. He is part of DCM's growing pool of amazing health volunteers including dentists, ear and eye doctors.