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DCM works with people who are homeless in Wellington.

We work with people to find and sustain housing, access a benefit and manage their money, and to connect to whānau, health and other services and supports. We call the people we work with taumai, meaning to settle.  This reflects the journey we embark on together to become settled, stable and well.  DCM is with them every step of the way, and you can be too.

We exist because Wellington needs us. Homelessness is increasing in our city. Last year more than 1200 people came to DCM for support; over the last five years, the number of people coming to DCM who are experiencing homelessness has risen by 38 percent. Even more concerning, the number of people who are "without shelter" (sleeping rough or living in cars) has more than doubled. 

We believe that, together, we can end homelessness here in Wellington. Our number one priority is getting people off the streets and into sustainable living arrangements, and we offer a range of supports and services along the way to cater for everyone who walks through our door.

“Together we can end homelessness”

DCM's 50th birthday photo exhibition featured 50 images – one for each of the years that DCM has been working to “focus on the needs of, and to help empower, those marginalised in the city”.

The exhibition took as its title DCM’s byline - “together we can end homelessness”. We experience Wellington as a caring place, one where people genuinely want to know how they can be part of the solution – we are often asked “how should I respond to homelessness?” The exhibition offered answers to this question; it captured some of the many different ways in which local people support our work and are part of this big “together”.

You can view all 50 photos here.

Breaking the chains:

Peter Burke broke the chains of addiction and homelessness and lives a life helping others. In this story he generously takes the time to talk with us about DCM, the school of hard knocks and why little old ladies love having him around.



Giving people their lives back:

Al Norman represents Wellington's homeless community in the Special Circumstances Court on behalf of DCM, where he recently worked with a man with 36 years prison-time under his belt to get out of the justice system's 'revolving door' and start to rebuild his life on the outside.